A downloadable game for Windows

Tiny God is a first person action-adventure game where the protagonist is saved by a little god who then grants him magic. Together they must fight against the suppression through technology used by their enemies. Help the little adventurer complete his epic quest of saving his people from the seemingly evil technology and bring back the magic to the land!

Tiny God is being developed by a small team of 5 people as part of their master classes at the University of Applied Science in Augsburg. Supervisors for this project are Prof. Dr. Thomas Rist and Prof. Guido Kühn.

Note, the menu can be controlled via the mouse and the game can be played with an XBox Controller or Keyboard and Mouse!


Project Lead: Jenny Neuhard
Graphics: Alena Keln, Alexander Baur, Adrian Vollbracht, Jonas Demmig
Programming: Jenny Neuhard & Jonas Demmig
Sound: Alexander Baur


TinyGod_09.07.2019_win64.zip 292 MB