A downloadable game for Windows

Immerse yourself in the dream of working in a café and keep the coffee flowing!

At the beginning of the game you have to carefully plan out the week:

  • Assess the tendencies provided as they provide information on how likely certain resources appear within the week
  • Use your weekly salary to buy mugs and resources
  • Buying is only possible once at the start of a week

One round / several days:

  • Every day three orders are placed in the café in form of tables
  • Place mugs on tables and fill them with the resources you bought to satisfy orders to the highest amount


  • At the end of a week you will get a summary showing how well you completed your tasks

The game was developed for the Ludum Dare Game Jam in April 2020. We had 72 hours to develop a game with the theme "Keep it alive!"

The team consisted of:


LudumDare_April_2020_Coffeetalism.zip 31 MB

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